Executive CPL Class

We offer a private Executive CPL / CCW Class “PLUS” for the more discrete individual or group. This is also the perfect class for a person looking for more individual “one on one” attention to defensive firearms training. In this class you will be introduced to many defensive training concepts on the firing line and personal protection techniques. Taking this private class will gain you much more one on one personal firearms training than can possibly be done with a large class.  You or your group will not need to have a deep knowledge and understanding of firearms training to join. We offer a full money back guarantee if not satisfied. We have a private range and classroom. We look forward to meeting you in person. Once I receive your application and speak with you I will give you directions. Our instructors have many years training experience and are highly qualified to cater to you or your groups needs at each stage of the class.

The class is formatted to enable the individual or group to take a class with friends, co-workers and significant other. A quality lunch is provided on site on class day. Successful completion of this class will enable you to apply for your Concealed Pistol License.


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